Now the Real Chanukah Test Begins

Thanksgivikah has passed never to come again because of the unusual coincidence of secular and Jewish calendars. Still, today more than ever, due to the US-Iranian deal, the courage we celebrate with on Chanukah will be more needed than ever before. It has become clear that Israel and the Jewish people stand alone against the forces eager to appease evil in the false hope it will go away. They have forgotten the vow of Never Again and are eerily embarking on the same path that western leaders took the world down in 1938 promising peace in our time. We know what happened then.

For the rest of the week of Chanukah we need to steel ourselves with the courage of the Maccabees as we lobby our government, Congress, and the entire world to the grave dangers of a nuclear Iran and the need to stop it not just with vague, ambiguous words but with concrete actions.

Here are a couple of Chanukah stories to share with your families and friends.

Chanukah story

The Brightness of Candles

Chag Chanukah Sameach—may you spread the courage of the Maccabees to resist evil.

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