Thanksgivikah—almost a unique intersection of events

This year Thanksgiving coincides with Chanukah, a rare convergence of two different calendars, the secular Gregorian calendar and the Jewish calendar. According to Chabad it won’t occur again until 2070 when Thanksgiving falls on Chanukah eve. So, since Jewish holidays start the evening before, if you have a late Thanksgiving feast that year, you also can light your first Chanukah candle at the same time. If you miss it, the next chance is Nov. 28, 2165. After that, things start getting quite unpredictable due to the different rates of drift by both the Jewish and Gregorian calendars in relation to actual solar year.

While the calendar coincidence is fun, Thanksgiving continues to feel like the most Jewish of secular holidays. With that in mind, check out this story, Thanksgiving, on the website. Just click here.

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